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Сompany  constructs different underground objects, tunnels, engineering and transportation networks, retaining structures for buildings.


The Company drills different kinds of tunnels in seismic regions and difficult geological conditions. The Company is also equipping the tunnels.

The Company is equipped with modern machines and equipment that are necessary for the entire tunnel construction process. Interbudtonnel owns three tunnel drilling machines (two of 6 m diam., one of 3.75 m diam.), lifting and transportation mechanisms, trenching equipment, autonomous diesel power and ventilation systems, power equipment, surveying instruments and equipment, life support equipment, machinery for construction of the "wall in the ground."

The basis of the HR policy of the Company is concentration of the best national experts in all areas of the Company’s activity, their constant training and professional development. Management of the Company has long experience in ruling public corporations' Kyivmetrobud "," Kharkovmetrostroy "," Dneprometrostroy. "

The level of scientific and technical training of employees can solve complex problems in tunnel and underground facilities construction.

The company employs highly skilled professionals able to perform high quality and in due time a variety of underground and surface mining operation in different geotechnical conditions. Average working experience of main experts in all divisions is 12 years, the average level of main skilled of workers is “V”.

The workers involved in the construction, have passed various stages of certification and training, are certified by leading foreign companies in the field of tunnel construction. The Company’s structure includes a group of skilled rescuers, who are able to work in extreme conditions.

Company’s specialists are constantly working to resolve and improve technical and technological development to make installations cheaper, reduce construction time by developing and implementing new technological schemes, more efficient materials, products and designs.




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Construction Aassociation Interbudmontazh
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