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Our company is engaged in the development of residential and commercial real estate projects in Ukraine. Successful development is not only about how to properly install bricks, it is about creating projects that you can be proud of. In the future, they will benefit both the city and its inhabitants. Perhaps they will even change the usual order of things and make life around them better.

10 steps to purchase:

    • Selection of a land plot for construction
    • Market analysis
    • Concept development
    • Engineering and design
    • Preparatory work and permits
    • Construction work
    • Marketing support
    • Search for clients for sale or rent
    • Putting the project into operation
    • Facility management

Each of the projects has its own character, its own life. We use an individual approach and define our tasks and investment strategy, potential and implementation path for all objects.

Now the company in an active phase of implementation is ┬źDamba┬╗ business class cottage village, consisting of 14 houses, is located in a unique place on a river bank, where untouched nature meets with a high level of comfort. The houses are as comfortable, ecological and energy efficient as possible. The village includes the necessary infrastructure, such as sports and playgrounds, guest parking and a well-equipped embankment with a pier for boats. The total area is 1.5 hectares.




Construction Aassociation Interbudmontazh
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