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Complex design
Development.jpgProject development
Underground construction
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Transport construction
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Fields of activity:


Complex design and related activities, including design of projects located in high seismicity areas with difficult geological conditions :

  • Structural architectural design of industrial and civil projects as a general design organization ;
  • Design of metro lines;
  • Design of tunnels of different purposes in various geological conditions, including extremely difficult (seismic, karstic, etc.), constructed from 20m span structures and section areas of up to 430m2;
  • Design of underground crossings and structures;
  • Design of bridges and viaducts;
  • Design of railroads and highways with infrastructural facilities;
  • Renovation of obsolete outdoor facilities;
  • Updating out-of-date engineering infrastructure of operating plants;
  • Technical re-equipping of existing plants, applying advanced technological processes;
  • Design of gas pipe networks and gas-fired plants; electricity networks, lighting and installations;
  • Environmental control and nature conservation measures;
  • Inspection, determining the technical conditions and certification of industrial buildings, structures and outdoor facilities.

2. Engineering services.

3. Civil works:

  • Construction of foundations and grounds, including works under complicated engineering and geological conditions;
  • Construction of earth embankments and dams;
  • Dewatering, including arrangement of deep-earth drainage systems;
  • Construction of concrete and reinforced concrete monolithic structures, water reservoirs and treatment plants;
  • Stoneworks;
  • Roofing;
  • Finishing works;
  • Restoration works and reconstruction of architectural monuments.

4. Assembling and other special works :

  • Assembly of steelworks of one- and multi-storeyed buildings, capacious structures, bin trestles and bunker bays;
  • Assembly of pre-fabricated reinforced concrete buildings and structures;
  • Construction of supporting and filler structures of buildings;
  • Construction of underground structures;
  • Construction of water-supply and sewerage systems; heat, gas and power supply networks including with the implementation of the trenchless techniques (HDD);
  • Construction of telecommunication networks and signaling systems;
  • Installation of processing equipment, control and automated management facilities;
  • Hydraulic insulation and anticorrosion protection of structures and pipelines;
  • Thermal insulation of filler structures, pipelines and thermal units;
  • Construction of metal ledger structures and railroad, road, pedestrian crossing, flyover, viaduct and arcade bearings;
  • Construction of concrete and reinforced concrete structures of bridges, flyovers and culverts;
  • Assembly of railway tracks;
  • Paving and related works;
  • Construction of drainage tunnels and sewerage collectors;
  • Metro construction;
  • Construction of main oil pipelines from 2? to 48? in diameter;
  • Installation of low, medium and high pressure gas pipelines;
  • Construction of compressor and pumping stations;
  • Construction of gas-distributing and regulating stations;
  • Construction, reconstruction and maintenance of oil and gas pipelines;
  • Different-type welding of oil and gas pipelines with quality control of welded joints;
  • Pipeline insulation;
  • Construction of runways of airports and heliports.

5. Environmental protection activities :

  • Bank protection;
  • Erosion control works;
  • Land recultivation.

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