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Construction Association “Interbudmontazh” is a multi-disciplinary organization whose main spheres of activity are:

Construction Association “Interbudmontazh” performs huge and complex projects that involve excellent cooperation between construction enterprises, modern management concepts, construction in short terms. The Company earned a positive reputation from its clients because of successful realization of such projects.

For the years of operation, the Company has successfully finished more than 80 objects of civil engineering, built more than 100 km of roads, built more than 20 km of tunnels, completed 18 objects by “wall in ground” method, built more that 2.500 km of gas pipelines of different diameters.

The Company involves a project institute, which is responsible for the design of all objects for Construction Association “Interbudmontazh”. The design includes all works from a research to preparation of the finished documentation and drawings. The Institute was formed of specialists from the national projects institutes “Ukrmetrotonnelproject” and “Soyuzdorproject” for 50 years being the leading project organizations of the former USSR.

“Interbudmontazh” has a significant experience in managing far-located objects, also abroad.

The successful realization of such projects is realized by the following:

Construction Association “Interbudmontazh” is well-known for its professionalism, quality, quickness and reliability of the work done. 

Construction Aassociation Interbudmontazh
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